Sunday, August 31, 2008

Complexities of the Human Mind

Complexities of the Human Mind
People I meet different in nature and
Different they are in ways and manners
Not understandable nor decipherable
There is neither logic nor any rationale,
There exists no code, no formula to know their type
Behavior or reaction
Thinking on these lines I loose myself,
My thoughts lead me on to areas unexplored, unknown.
How can I learn about a person, the psyche or the belief…
Despite all the sciences there is, I feel, still a lot of
Mystery in the minds of men and women…
Then I think that I can’t know nor try to know…
But I can only try ,predict
With observation, not judgment,
Through listening, involving and experiencing
The other person
Patience and compassion and trustworthiness
I should develop
And then I can maybe start towards unveiling the
Complexities of the human mind.