Friday, October 9, 2009


There is so much we all want from life
More than just the simple pleasures of life
We desire
Content!! Satisfied!!?
Is there anyone who is?
The desires are always for something we don’t have
Or which is elusive…
We call it ambition, determination to succeed or whatever…
But at times,
I think its just simple Greed
Our dignity, self respect
Our emotions
Principles and Morals
All sacrificed in the name of
We trample on others,
We pull them down
We ridicule others
In the name of competition
In the name of business
In the name of economics!!
It is a subject
Just that
Which is mugged up
And forgotten
‘It’s just not practical’
Is the common refrain!
Buying Happiness, is possible
When do we learn that though…
That all we pursue is
But shallow, temporary and useless
Peace of mind, body and soul
Is the most important of all
I guess
Not till its too late…..
Too late to undo whats done..

Monday, August 24, 2009 am just starting another blog on which I intend to write short stories...just a small humble beginning... please do go through and let me know how it is...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Morning Walks...

There is something about getting up early morning...its like once you get up, there is no stopping you but more often than not you end up hitting the snooze button on the alarm and sleeping on till its time to get ready for office or school or whatever else...It is definitely more tempting to cuddle back with you soft pillows into the blanket and sleep for another hour but its also wonderful to get up, put on your walking shoes and just get out for walk in the park...

Morning walks are a great way to get in touch with yourself and de-stress apart from the fact that they energize and rejuvenate the soul. It helps in increasing your metabolism and blood circulation . In Hindu philosophy, early morning or dawn is considered to be the 'brahmamuhurat' or the most auspicious time of the day.One of the reasons may be that early morning our mind is free from stress and tension. The world is silent and serene, before the hustle bustle of the routine daily life begins. The cool early morning breeze soothes the nerves and helps in flushing out toxins. Thus it is also the best time to bond with nature and may be even kindle the poet in you! For the religious among you, a walk to the temple, church or mosque right in the morning would be a greater motivation. A morning walk is also a great way to reduce your weight. In addition, morning walks help in inducing good sleep.

The health benefits that a quick stroll through a park gives you are another reason to adopt this into your daily routine.

So wake up!

Walk!! :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Out of loneliness....

Loneliness is something that can drive a person to doing things that are irrational and thoughtless. It is like a black hole, the gravitational force, or a whirlpool...

I never thought that I would be in such a situation.

Its not that I dread being alone but just that I just realised that I have numerous friends and well wishers but not that one friend ( most have childhood friends) who would be there for you whenever and wherever, who you know all your life... I am not cribbing here but as a kid I had to tag along with my dad wherever he got posted and thus I know many people... some of them became very good friends in the short span of time we were together...but then we drift apart...years and locational problems.. Never thought of it at that time...was too busy making new friends...being popular in the new school..etc etc

Yeah there are few very special people in my life...but again the distance plays the devil...So when I feel like going shopping... I have to go alone ( which by the way is okay the first few times, but not always). Just a walk around the corner seems long and boring when you have been doing that alone for weeks.

The last time in Bangalore too I was haunted by the same obnoxious feeling. This time I thought it would be different...but looks like we are going down the same road... but this time there is no running away...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Live and Let Live!!

I am an individual, a human being…a unique creation of God ( if u believe in Him/Her) or of nature.. I am also a part of this civilization which has evolved over years of interactions among humans, with nature and other creatures, scientific discoveries and inventions, disasters and wars and much more.

My existence and survival depends on others(human or non human) much ever I try to deny that fact, I cannot survive without the interactions and actions of others..and more importantly my actions have consequences not only for me but for others who in some way are connected to me..I cannot disregard this.

Till recently I did not give a thought to this responsibility that is on me...I can make a difference in others' lives through unintentional actions of mine. I realise now that there needs to be some kind of a check on one self...I cannot fulfill all my whims and fancies just because its my life is intertwined with the lives of others and not just my family, siblings or friends..I need to be considerate and more understanding that my life is mine but I don't have the right to cause harm to another just because I think its right according to me... So the statement that I do what I think is right goes right down the drain...

The theory of six degrees of separation was mentioned in one of the conversations with my friends..That comes back to me right now...The modern world is shrinking...and even though it is also observed that human beings are becoming more and more self centred and egoistic..I think it can also be said that our actions can have far greater repercussions than we think. Thus the need to realise the same and think carefully about each step we take in life..

Live and Let Live!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Worst Journey of my life!!(till now)

Bangalore to Ernakulam(Cochin)...A normal train journey in Kochuvelli Express which started at 5.15 pm and was supposed to reach at Ernakulam at 04.50 am all was fine...but God had something else planned for me I guess.
Today train services in Kerala were hit when the heavy rains washed away the earth beneath the track at a place called Chirangara between Karukutty and Chalakkudy in Thrissur district.So the train I was travelling in was stuck at a remote station near Chalakudy. We waited till 07.00 am but since me and my colleague had to attend an important meeting at Ernakulam at 1030 am we had to eventually had to set out on our own. We thought we could get a cab to Ernakulam...But then think again...
We walked about half a mile ( yeah luggage, me and my sore back!!). Gave on getting a taxi..boarded a bus to Chalakudy...which took about 45 minutes. At Chalakudy transport station, to our dismay there was not a single cab available. The buses were running totally crammed as many other passengers also had started towards Ernakulam. Hmmm so now what?!
We hired an auto rickshaw and told the guy to take at the nearest taxi stand.....
Hmmm so it turned out that all the taxi guys had chosen this particular day to disappear into oblivion!! And the couple of taxi drivers we did chance upon were not interested (guess they did not like our appearance!!)
So we had to go all the way to Angamali in the auto ( what with the terrible traffic and potholes, my back is certainly not better than worse) and fortunately we were able to get a taxi!!
And so in about another 45 minutes we were at my office in Ernakulam! This small trip took us three hours including the burden of rain, my luggage, bad roads and even worse traffic). A memorable experience which could have been better shared if I had some photos which off course I was not in a mood to capture!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A path called Life

On the wondrous and exhilarating path
That is life
wayfarers we meet
Travellers to the same destinations
Paths taken different and unique
encounters for a moment or more...
... some last a lifetime
Amusing and unexplainable,
How people change with the path
How the path changes with steps we take
In scientific terms, directly proportional they are
The formula is unknown though!
'Change is the only constant'
A favorite statement of many, mine too
What to say on the will and the reason to
Move on, Varies...
Hurdles and burdens, there is no dearth
Hope and Determinations
Pushes some
The Lure of the destination, pushes other ahead
Others move on regardless, vagabonds and gypsies
What is important is to move on and not give up
For that is the essence of life!!!
These paths lead to the unknown,
undeciphered, abstract reality...
Mystery shrouds it from our vision
Lost in the temptation of worldliness and consumption
Speculations rife, predictions and promises blur
the Reality of The Ultimate Destination

Monday, May 18, 2009

World is evil!!!

Another of my passionate rantings against the world at large... 
conspiring, conniving, back stabbing, gossiping bunch of people who think they are smarter than others... Trustworthiness is a matter of the past i guess... Old fashioned and boring... There is nothing called righteousness... I mean today I am flabbergasted and so disturbed... I guess i still believed in the old school concepts of honour, truth, integrity and character!!!

Is nothing sacred nowdays? Is everything impure and 'flexible'?? Where is the sanctity of relationships gone? 

Life has been made into such a bitch that the capacity to appreciate and introspect has been lost. Everyone lives in the moment...the consequences, the ramifications are all questions of probability, permutations and combinations..What is life without risks and thrills someone asks??? I really do not have an answer to that question... but what about the finer things in life...the more beautiful and lasting things..sustainability is not looked upon...

Is the end really near... may be it is... The end of the as we know it... the  direction of the wind is changing..the force of the it is increasing...Soon the human race may be sucked into self consuming whirlpool of destruction...the end may not be caused by an atomic explosion, a asteroid strike or an alien attack... The negativity within the human psyche would get a life of its on, grow into such a force that no other power in this world can counter it...That would ulitmately bring about the destruction of the human race as we know it...

I guess this outburst of spontaneous and whimsical statements or feelings... I guess i am feeling better now...Need to pack my bags and sleep now...

Good night...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Expectations give way to sorrow

Consider the following situation: You badly want to spend some quality time with your close friend.You rarely get time together...she is are working..and then one week there is time in hand for both of you. And what happens she is more interested to do something else than spend time with you..even after you request her not to go...Yeah that's what happened to me.. and that why I am here cribbing about the same!!!

So the point is desire is that cause of all sorrow... when there is no desire, no expectation, no attachments..sorrow is destroyed..And believe me its very difficult not to have expectations..we tend to have some expectations from everyone..our parents, siblings, teachers, our job, our boss...etc etc
When these are not met and rejected or abandoned..there arises disappointment, resentment, anger, sorrow..negativity stems from this... and is reflected in our actions, work etc. I guess to achieve some level of detachment, takes some experience, maturity and immense acceptance of the people, situations. I don't think currently my frame of mind is like that..

I desire the attention, the care of my loved ones...I don't deny that, and I am not ashamed of it either..I am ready to give what I then there is nothing wrong right??

Hmmm don't know.., did not have anybody to share my feelings thought will make kind of a journal entry!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Can we just live life one day at a time
No worries, no fuss, no pretensions..
Is that possible...
I wonder why we look for attachments, 
Bondings which pull us down
And render us incapable of

Is there someway to break free...
Difficult, may be impossible 
To truly be free
Is it practical in the 
age we live?

The pain, the sorrow
The pangs of separation,
The illusion of joy,
Everything can be avoided
If it was only possible to
Attain liberty...
Is it worth trying???

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bright sunny meadows...
fragrance of fresh hay and flowers
Amalgamate and bring forth haunting memories
Of the childhood past...adolescence lost
The Age of innocence and freedom
simplicity and fun....

The splendour of the sunset 
reminds of the playful abandon and careless joy
Nothing to regret, nothing to contemplate
Living in the moment
Of pure ecstasy, grief or anger
And move on as well

The brilliance of the past is long gone....
The future is doubtful...
The present looks bleak...dark and deep...

Lets for one moment
Be happy as we are now
At this moment...
Forget the world and Just BE...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Random incomplete thoughts...

Walking through hazardous and tricky paths of life, 
Knowing not,which turn to take when, 
The weather dictates the pace
The wind, the direction
Sailing along, lost...

...The monster lurks within and without
Its presence can be felt
It enchants to death
Through the mysterious depths of the ocean within
It spreads it tentacles of menace...

...Eyes invite, lips quiver
the more she shies, the more he wants her
To hold her, comfort her and take her forever
Innocent and lovely dame, she
Steals his heart and makes him
 lose reason and logic...

...The frail man,
Crying out loud and frantic
hopeless, deperate and frustrated
Horrendous and hideous, the hooded man with the whip
the wicked but enamourous eyes smirk at the sight, 
partly hidden by the veil...

...Life just gave me a shake today
Wake up and realise, it said
Time is not just ticking, its running
Slowing down, stopping 
All signs of reluctance,
Abandon and move forward
Lest you are left behin...

Friday, February 13, 2009


I stand here wondering which

Path to take

The paths which are yet to be made…

The paths already traced out in front

Where will they take me

What dangers and hurdles lie in front

I know not

Only the courage and spirit of life

Takes me ahead

But still I am in a dilemma

Knowing that it doesn’t matter, whatever

Has to happen will

But still the mind wonders and wonders on

The confusion clouds the mind

And renders logic and reason helpless

As I stand wondering here which path to take in life

Monday, January 26, 2009

Some details of my ayurveda treatment at Calicut

I am undergoing treatment for scoliosis at Sukrutham Ayurveda , Calicut. First  few details about my condition.

According to my physio, I have idiopathic scoliosis. The curvature in my spine is not as prominent as in the X-rays that are shown on various sites regarding this disorder. 

When I was in Bangalore, about four months back, I got this pain in my legs which I initially ignored, but which became unbearable later on. I did not consult a physician till i was in Cochin, and the condition aggravated.
 I consulted two doctors before my friend referred me to his physiotherapist who then diagnosed my problem as scoliosis. Then followed about 2 weeks of physiotherapy which helped me a lot.

It was my mother's idea to go for an Ayurveda treatment. 

So here i am. 

The first three days consisted of abhayangam followed by podi kizhi.

The word abhayanga means to massage.The massage is customised to each patient depending on their disease or condition. There are different types of abhayangam also. From what I have read and understood mine was Vata har.

This was followed by podi kizhi which is massage with herbal powders.It is mainly done with the powdered roots of 12 herbal plants such as alpinia galanga, ricinus communis, sandalwood and dry ginger. All these are fried together with a little rock salt, crated coconut and lemon juice. The mixture is tied in muslin cloth boluses and is again heated in warm fire. It is then soaked in herbal oil to massage the whole body. After that, the patient is given a bath in moderately warm water. The treatment is an alterative to remove toxins and balance tridosha - vata (nerve energy), pitta (catabolic fire energy) and kapha (anabolic nutritive energy)..

On the fourth day my treatment was changed to Navara kizhi in which a special type of Rice called Navara is cooked in milk and herbal decoction is packed in small cotton bundles. With this the whole body is massaged. This improves circulation, relieves muscular stress and aches.The added advantage here is it is also good for the skin!!! :).

These are the basic details of my treatment, apart from the daily schedule and some medications....

Well there is always a tendency in me to complicate my life... I think I am very good at it...may be no one can do it like me...

Just cannot let life be as it is,
Always the search for more,
better, and even more...
The Quest, almost always lands me
in a quagmire, the solution to which
Involves that which am terrible at ;
between something desirable, lovable, 
unnatainable, unreasonable or un
Importance of anyone, questioned, cannot be
I procrastinate, delay and try to circumvent
And then comes a point where finally life takes a decision!!!
And tries to attain the equilibrium that 
I always tend to destroy....
I know it 

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thoughts on seeing the sunrise today!!!

The rising sun peeks through the cover of the night,
 spreading a healthy crimson glows across the sky 
like the supple cheeks of a new born baby...
reflected in the calm mirror of the great blue ocean... 
Heavenly is this vision, 
reenergising and reinvigorating...
Every day would be better than the one before, if this is the foremost sight that welcomes...

When the world is at its best most of us are still under the covers of our bed, exhausted from yesterdays drudgery or indulgence... The most positive energies are radiated during dawn to sunrise...just to observe nature awaken during sunrise soothes the mind and body and relieves the lethargy and laziness, giving the day a magnificient start...which can last throughout the toils of the day...

Just some more thoughts from today morning!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Dream

Lying down on the warm sand of the beach of nowhere,
Gazing at the silent and calm blue vastness the sky,
Pure white clouds like ribbons strewn over...
tranquil and unearthly the feeling is
Nothing is mine or yours, Everything is ours
But  everything is for everyone

Day passes over, gives way to the cool night
Cool zephyrs take you into their arms
and take you to the world of dreams.
You lie there exposed to the nature whim and fancy
And she protects you as a mother its child

Each passing moment refreshing and reuvenating
Energising the whole body with the nature's love
Danger is unknown, betrayal is non existent
Life is simple, uncomplicated

Then the dream rushes into reality
and I awaken...


These thoughts come to me while i am undergoing Ayurveda treatment  for scoliosis at Calicut... 

Life is so fast and mechanical these days...never did i think i will become a typical city dweller. A typical working day doesn't give me enough time to spend on myself,my family or my pets...This is a comparatively laid back and chilled out city of Kochi!!! There is so much I wanted and want to to do, but then there is so much that I  have to do. It seems to me that there is so little time left for all that I want to achieve and enjoy. Its like being in a race without a finishing line, so there are really no winners. I also know that my life is more balanced than many of my friends, colleagues etc, but then still there is so much I feel that I miss out on...

There are so many things I wanna learn... I keep thinking that I will do this, learn that...never works out...Heck I haven't been able to manage even a drivers' license till now( i know thats pathetic). Yeah i know, may be i just don't know how to manage my time, or may be I cant prioritise... but then thats just me. Again i end up telling myself, you cannot have everything in life!!

Am  not exactly a career woman, I value family more than a career, but then I do not want to depend on anyone either. So there is the need to work... and then I can't do work for the sake of it...It should be meaningful and something of value... Since I have fortunately found a job and an organisation to my liking, I cannot help being committed and sincere to it...thus my work is always lingering at the back of my mind, even when I am with my friends or family...thinking of ways to better the reach, the effectiveness etc...

Sometimes I do feel like letting go of everything and just focussing on what I want to do...but just a second later reality strikes and am back on track!! There are something you need to let go in order to have a 'normal' life i guess! By normal I mean which is accepted and recognised as normal by contemporary society...which is again relative...anyways discussing that right now would be too philosophical and unwarranted too.

I guess thats all for not supposed to sit for long....need to go now!