Thursday, May 28, 2009

A path called Life

On the wondrous and exhilarating path
That is life
wayfarers we meet
Travellers to the same destinations
Paths taken different and unique
encounters for a moment or more...
... some last a lifetime
Amusing and unexplainable,
How people change with the path
How the path changes with steps we take
In scientific terms, directly proportional they are
The formula is unknown though!
'Change is the only constant'
A favorite statement of many, mine too
What to say on the will and the reason to
Move on, Varies...
Hurdles and burdens, there is no dearth
Hope and Determinations
Pushes some
The Lure of the destination, pushes other ahead
Others move on regardless, vagabonds and gypsies
What is important is to move on and not give up
For that is the essence of life!!!
These paths lead to the unknown,
undeciphered, abstract reality...
Mystery shrouds it from our vision
Lost in the temptation of worldliness and consumption
Speculations rife, predictions and promises blur
the Reality of The Ultimate Destination

Monday, May 18, 2009

World is evil!!!

Another of my passionate rantings against the world at large... 
conspiring, conniving, back stabbing, gossiping bunch of people who think they are smarter than others... Trustworthiness is a matter of the past i guess... Old fashioned and boring... There is nothing called righteousness... I mean today I am flabbergasted and so disturbed... I guess i still believed in the old school concepts of honour, truth, integrity and character!!!

Is nothing sacred nowdays? Is everything impure and 'flexible'?? Where is the sanctity of relationships gone? 

Life has been made into such a bitch that the capacity to appreciate and introspect has been lost. Everyone lives in the moment...the consequences, the ramifications are all questions of probability, permutations and combinations..What is life without risks and thrills someone asks??? I really do not have an answer to that question... but what about the finer things in life...the more beautiful and lasting things..sustainability is not looked upon...

Is the end really near... may be it is... The end of the as we know it... the  direction of the wind is changing..the force of the it is increasing...Soon the human race may be sucked into self consuming whirlpool of destruction...the end may not be caused by an atomic explosion, a asteroid strike or an alien attack... The negativity within the human psyche would get a life of its on, grow into such a force that no other power in this world can counter it...That would ulitmately bring about the destruction of the human race as we know it...

I guess this outburst of spontaneous and whimsical statements or feelings... I guess i am feeling better now...Need to pack my bags and sleep now...

Good night...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Expectations give way to sorrow

Consider the following situation: You badly want to spend some quality time with your close friend.You rarely get time together...she is are working..and then one week there is time in hand for both of you. And what happens she is more interested to do something else than spend time with you..even after you request her not to go...Yeah that's what happened to me.. and that why I am here cribbing about the same!!!

So the point is desire is that cause of all sorrow... when there is no desire, no expectation, no attachments..sorrow is destroyed..And believe me its very difficult not to have expectations..we tend to have some expectations from everyone..our parents, siblings, teachers, our job, our boss...etc etc
When these are not met and rejected or abandoned..there arises disappointment, resentment, anger, sorrow..negativity stems from this... and is reflected in our actions, work etc. I guess to achieve some level of detachment, takes some experience, maturity and immense acceptance of the people, situations. I don't think currently my frame of mind is like that..

I desire the attention, the care of my loved ones...I don't deny that, and I am not ashamed of it either..I am ready to give what I then there is nothing wrong right??

Hmmm don't know.., did not have anybody to share my feelings thought will make kind of a journal entry!!