Friday, May 8, 2009

Expectations give way to sorrow

Consider the following situation: You badly want to spend some quality time with your close friend.You rarely get time together...she is are working..and then one week there is time in hand for both of you. And what happens she is more interested to do something else than spend time with you..even after you request her not to go...Yeah that's what happened to me.. and that why I am here cribbing about the same!!!

So the point is desire is that cause of all sorrow... when there is no desire, no expectation, no attachments..sorrow is destroyed..And believe me its very difficult not to have expectations..we tend to have some expectations from everyone..our parents, siblings, teachers, our job, our boss...etc etc
When these are not met and rejected or abandoned..there arises disappointment, resentment, anger, sorrow..negativity stems from this... and is reflected in our actions, work etc. I guess to achieve some level of detachment, takes some experience, maturity and immense acceptance of the people, situations. I don't think currently my frame of mind is like that..

I desire the attention, the care of my loved ones...I don't deny that, and I am not ashamed of it either..I am ready to give what I then there is nothing wrong right??

Hmmm don't know.., did not have anybody to share my feelings thought will make kind of a journal entry!!


Lifeagain said...

Hey nice write up.I got into yours quite accidentally.Well am sure u feel better once the thots are out of your system.

Just an observation,dont you think this post of yours contradicts the previous one..the poetry which talks abt why do we need bonding etc.:):) just an observation..

Good writings and I'm looking forward to reading some more.All te best with the writings.

Lifeagain said...

haha yeah it sure does spices up things:):)thanx for taking time and visiting my blog..not sure if u got to read another one as well the a lot:)

Wilson Bright said...

Certain expectations in life gives way to sorrow and some gives great joy. Its up to us to limit our expectations in everything and move our lives. This will really change and makes our lives exciting and interesting. Nice post..

meher said...

without desire, expectation, attachments one becomes a be more precise becoming a saint is also an expectation....because u expect not to expect anything in life which is again an expectation.....are saints really saint ??