Saturday, July 18, 2009

Worst Journey of my life!!(till now)

Bangalore to Ernakulam(Cochin)...A normal train journey in Kochuvelli Express which started at 5.15 pm and was supposed to reach at Ernakulam at 04.50 am all was fine...but God had something else planned for me I guess.
Today train services in Kerala were hit when the heavy rains washed away the earth beneath the track at a place called Chirangara between Karukutty and Chalakkudy in Thrissur district.So the train I was travelling in was stuck at a remote station near Chalakudy. We waited till 07.00 am but since me and my colleague had to attend an important meeting at Ernakulam at 1030 am we had to eventually had to set out on our own. We thought we could get a cab to Ernakulam...But then think again...
We walked about half a mile ( yeah luggage, me and my sore back!!). Gave on getting a taxi..boarded a bus to Chalakudy...which took about 45 minutes. At Chalakudy transport station, to our dismay there was not a single cab available. The buses were running totally crammed as many other passengers also had started towards Ernakulam. Hmmm so now what?!
We hired an auto rickshaw and told the guy to take at the nearest taxi stand.....
Hmmm so it turned out that all the taxi guys had chosen this particular day to disappear into oblivion!! And the couple of taxi drivers we did chance upon were not interested (guess they did not like our appearance!!)
So we had to go all the way to Angamali in the auto ( what with the terrible traffic and potholes, my back is certainly not better than worse) and fortunately we were able to get a taxi!!
And so in about another 45 minutes we were at my office in Ernakulam! This small trip took us three hours including the burden of rain, my luggage, bad roads and even worse traffic). A memorable experience which could have been better shared if I had some photos which off course I was not in a mood to capture!!