Thursday, May 28, 2009

A path called Life

On the wondrous and exhilarating path
That is life
wayfarers we meet
Travellers to the same destinations
Paths taken different and unique
encounters for a moment or more...
... some last a lifetime
Amusing and unexplainable,
How people change with the path
How the path changes with steps we take
In scientific terms, directly proportional they are
The formula is unknown though!
'Change is the only constant'
A favorite statement of many, mine too
What to say on the will and the reason to
Move on, Varies...
Hurdles and burdens, there is no dearth
Hope and Determinations
Pushes some
The Lure of the destination, pushes other ahead
Others move on regardless, vagabonds and gypsies
What is important is to move on and not give up
For that is the essence of life!!!
These paths lead to the unknown,
undeciphered, abstract reality...
Mystery shrouds it from our vision
Lost in the temptation of worldliness and consumption
Speculations rife, predictions and promises blur
the Reality of The Ultimate Destination


Anonymous said...

Good One!

Meera said...

Why r u having so much of bitterness with life in general. I can feel the pain in ur words...

Meera said...

jindagi ka naam hi jindadili hein. So enjoy ur life. Live each day king size.
Great poetry...

AdiSin said...

well expressed! a perfect discription of Life in a very creative manner. Impressive :)

Mohinee said...