Friday, April 1, 2011

Urumi: A good movie experience

I do not write reviews normally. I wouldn't call this a review either. Just another experience which I want to share with all of you!  Let me also clarify that Prithviraj is not my favorite actor neither do I have a crush on him! 

I had been following the making of Urumi through various links and photos posted by a friend of mine and it aroused my curiosity. In addition to this was the fact that over 20 crores was spent in the making of Urumi. I am always a bit skeptical about the big budget movies.

For about a few hours Urumi made me forget about my problems and worries and took me along back to those times of thamburaans and thamburaatis, folk lores and chivalry! The simplicity of the common folk, the treachery of the power hungry which ultimately leads to the greater destruction! Factually the events might not be true but the story is powerful and is like a ballad.. If nothing else it made me do some online research about the history of Kerala. It also made me realize that what history we  know is from the point of view of those who colonized us and what they wanted us to know! The folklores and songs which speak of our own history and culture is something we have ignored and forgotten!

The script and dialogues are wonderfully done by Shanker Ramakrishnan without  unnecessary melodrama or bravado.I do not think I need to praise the cinematography of Santosh Sivan! Every frame, every angle speaks for itself and adds to the magic of the story.The brave Chirakkal Kothuwal (Arya), the valiant and chivalrous Chirrakal Kelu Naynar (Prithviraj), the strong and sensuous Aysha (Genelia), the lovable and faithful Vavvali(Prabhu Deva), the scheming and cunning Chenicheri Kurup(Jagathy) ... each and every one of the characters donned by the different actors have been directed and captured very well bringing out the best of them..I did find the presence of Tabu unnecessary (But then ek item number toh banta hai na!!) and Vidya Balan's character was not properly developed. In the end I was also confused between the exact relationship of the present day character of Genelia (forgot the name, sorry!)  with that of Krishna Das (also donned by Prithvi Raj). Barring these two things I found the movie intriguing and engaging...

All said and done, Urumi is a good movie experience and is definitely a must watch!