Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Knowledge, Love, Purpose

Reading this book ..this short story by O V Vijayan- the infinity of grace

Three things cameto me while reading a particular line

"..I never realised till now what a burden books are. A burden of purposeless knowledge."

There is a context here definitely which cannot be ignored but it set me thinking... Of the connections between Purpose, knowledge and love...

How important is purpose?

What do you think about purposeless love... What about purposeless knowledge?

The author calls purposeless knowledge a burden. Though confused by this statement.. somewhere inside...may be it's true... Knowledge without purpose is a burden.. but love without a purpose can never be a burden...

When I think of it... Love has  so many dimensions..many still unknown to me... And the purpose is love itself...just love. Also sharing something written a few weeks ago;

I am here to be, to flourish in
The irradiant light of love
That I behold
My offering is only myself
To this everconsuming fire
Eternal in its end and origin
When I wonder
How to make sense of this puzzle
Which fascinates and draws me
I find the voice within whispers 
what you seek is but within

But it's not just within me or you, but in all of us. To seek that unending spring of love, to understand is something I think I am trying. Failing at times but never giving up...

Just lost my sleep over these lines.. and thought it would be nice way to restart my inactive blog...