Friday, March 30, 2012


They just rise,
Little drops, one at a time
Like pearls, only not so precious
To anyone, but her

In the mirror,
She hates to look
Oh the horror!
Eyes red, face swollen

Stop, stop
I say to her, they are not worth
These tears of yours
The pain, the hurt

Laugh, smile and let go
There is no time
And no one to come and
Wipe these tears but you

Stand up, be strong
Face the world and make your mark
That alone should suffice, expect no more.

The Internship Diary

I joined an organisation as intern on the 28th this month. It is a government organisation and I am involved in this initiative into block level planning which is being done in Maharashtra. It is going to be challenging especially since the onus of organising and structuring my internship lies on my shoulders!In addition the problem with language! I am not sure how much I would be able to manage it... my mother's surely apprehensive about the whole travelling alone thing.. But today I have decided to keep an open mind about it and move ahead. Its only when you do things which you have never done before that you learn and grow... may I will also pick up a bit of Marathi in the bargain!! 

So the coming week I will be travelling to a district in Maharashtra to observe the process of Micro planning being organised. Excited about actually being able to see a process which aims at bottom up planning which is 'need' based and integrating these into higher level plans. 

I would try to share this journey with you... cause I think that this would be the best way. It would help me unwind and de-stress and at the same time those of you who are interested could also provide me insights and guidance! 

So wish me luck... :)