Monday, December 22, 2008

A Lover's Desire

There that feeling is here again
Lost I feel without you
The longing for your touch
Your voice, your fragrance…
The need to be with you
For just that one look,
For that one smile
The desire to be in your arms
And forget the bonds of this world
Just being with you
To me makes all the difference
I don’t know what’s right what’s wrong
Just know that it doesn’t affect me
All I want is to be with you
Be yours…for as long as possible

Thoughts while waiting at an airport

It’s the voice of the ground staff
Announcing the delay in the departure of the flight
At the same time there is a lot of noise around
As we all may have seen in a normal day in an airport
People in queues waiting to
Undergo the security check, unavoidable it is
The stamp of the personnel on their boarding passes
This is a normal day in the airport
Passengers are many, going to different destinations
All are waiting,
Some are reading, some busy on mobiles
The whole atmosphere seems so routine and mechanical
Here and there kids run around playing
Their mothers worried
Rarely does anyone smile or even acknowledge the presence of others
Civilization has lead to the mechanization of human lives,
That which was right is no longer so
People are lost in themselves and each wants to win
At the cost of others
Innocence is lost and useless, trust is equivalent to
Where is the human race going?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Curious Kitten

A cute little kitten
Curious and Oh so naughty!
Everywhere pokes around
Wonder of wonders awaits its
Big green eyes
At every nook and corner
Hops and jumps,
Chases and stalks
The novel,the unknown is sought for,
The known, the familiar is boring and abandoned,

The playful search, when
Will it end
A pursuit so fascinating,
Would there be?
To hold forever the attention of
The naughty kitten

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Random Thoughts

Sometimes it is just so nice and think about the past...Sit back and just think... of the childhood past, the adolescence lost. It is funny how we tend to think that this is the worst stage of life at every stage !!! It is only when we move on that we realise...Oh shucks!! those days were sooooo good. What life is this??!! but then the dawn of such a realization is a wee
Just waiting to create a whole lot of chaos and trouble, playing pranks on others, the little devils that we were, out to conquer the world... the falls, the fights, the pranks...well I was quite a tomboy, the leader of the gang!! Reminds me of the day when i ganged up all the girls of my class against this class bully...poor guy he had no chance, the whacking he got that day, he would never be able to forget!!!
Then there were times to butter up our class teacher in 1st std, we competed against each other. Made her greeting cards, brought her flowers...oh we could really be sweet.
The other memorable times are the tantrums and the cuddling up with parents, taking advantage of their love in small evil ways...hmmm well times fly and before you know you have all those hormones playing havoc within you

The first crush, the deep sighs, the romantic ideals....and what not.Raging hormones, create uncontrollable emotions and rebellions within. You wanna shout out at, scream your feelings and retort and react at the slightest provocation. Then there is supposed to be a whole lot of pressure. Well Frankly, I never encountered any kinds of pressure, was a really chilled out teenager( really popular too!!!) Well do not want to elaborate on the popularity aspect right now... but yes i enjoy thinking about those days....again the pranks i played, all the mischief i set loose....
I never regret anything i did, each experience has only made me a better person, with more understanding and wisdom(hopeful of that)....

Life moves very fast, faster than we think. It is important to treasure every moment you spend, make it the best moment of your life.... because life doesn't repeat itself.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Parting ....(written on 27th July 2008)

Another turn, another path…

Here we go our own ways

With what we learned and ‘unlearned’

Holding memories of the past one year

Happiness and sorrow

Anger and tiffs

And rebellion

All of the turmoil and celebrations

The joys and the sorrows

Dear friends, close to our hearts

Still we remain…( I hope so)!

And though life will take

Us through many more things

Good and bad

Sure I am of one thing

That nothing would be as memorable

As the moments we spent together

Laughing, bickering, teasing…

The last moment and after submissions

Assignments, presentations and case studies…

Twelve hour days, with a respite of rarely fifteens minutes between

Really friends… I will Miss You All…

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Best of Luck!!!

Your eyes are pits of smoldering fire and sparks

The veins throb hard as if trying to burst and flow out

There is a look which I have not see before

But scared I am not… as I look at u eye to eye

Your slave I no longer am

My identity no longer from you stems

It is mine, of my actions and desires

It exudes independence, excitement and elegance

Risen from the ashes it has… which you tried to destroy

No! you no longer affect it… no longer! no longer!

Surprised I am at my own will and courage

All I feel is a sarcastic pity at your cowardice

Bound you too are by your own prejudice and ignorance.

Wisdom and good sense elude you

All I can say to you is

Best of luck my friend!!

Friday, October 3, 2008


The Path in this yuga
seems to be Deception and manipulation
Conceit, hypocrisy and lies rule
Success is bought not deserved
The true path seems to be a farce
And Mockery and exploitation by the
Even the 'Gods'  of the modern era,

Can change the self destructive march of man
Against nature, man and Life
Between good and evil, right and wrong
Distinction exists but nought

Confused and blinded by superiority
Man continues to cut the branch which supports
His very being…
The past is twisted, the present distorted
What is in store in the future is
Unpredictable and Undependable
But Man continues on undeterred
Pushed forward by definite Destiny-

Friday, September 26, 2008


What is right what is wrong I know no longer,
The mind tells me that what is to be done, rightfully
Walk away! Move on!
There is more to life than this
The heart cries, helpless and alone,
Live for love, love doesn’t come often
It’s unselfish, yielding power
Pulls with a unpredictable force

Damn the whole world,
Naught I care for this world, its bondages
I am free and can think for my self
Let me drown in this flood
Give myself up to the unstoppable, irresistible
Let the flames engulf me
Till I burn into ashes…
There life will begin anew and afresh
A new life which will erase all traces
Pain and Sorrow will cease to exist
The unknown will be known
The destiny, the fate will concedeAnd I will overcome, I will rewrite,
What was, what is and what will be.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Today was a really gr8 day... not for one second did i feel sad or i thought it deserves a special mention...I am thankful to my friend for bhabhi and my dearest nephew also...also myself...he he he

Well when you allow yourself to do what you really want to be happy, nothing in the world can stop you. In life choices you make, shape you, your emotions, your reactions. Experiences condition one to behave in a certain manner, which is very logical and instinctive too. It is good in a way. But at times it is important to let go and break the routine once in a while.... So today have decided one gonna enjoy this last week in bangalore... This one's for me!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

No I am not preaching!!!!!!

Life shows us various colours..takes us through various experiences....If it takes a steady route...then life would be very boring...everyday should bring with it new experiences, learning, different emotions and changes... the challenge is to undergo all of this and come out a better person.And it is not that we don't have choices... We always have them, we should have the courage to take risks in life and make choices we feel will give us happiness. Making mistakes is important to learn new things, thus we should not be scared of taking wrong decisions.

It is important to explore life and enjoy it while doing so. All that we go through only gives us a better understanding of the world, life and other people. It is easy to take the trodden path, there would be not many surprises, but more difficult, and also interesting is the untrodden, unexplored forests which hold all kinds of thrills and is still a mystery. But this doesn't definitely mean that one becomes irresponsible and unaccountable. The path you take affects you the most, so you are accountable to yourself. Do not forget that.

Instinctively human beings go away from pain and towards pleasure. But it is also true happiness lies within. You should be at peace with your self. It is the inner conflicts which cause the maximum pain. It makes your loved ones also miserable. Thus we should try to find the happiness within ourselves before searching outside. Material gains can only supplement the happiness but not be the source of it. We all get into this vicious cirlce of wanting more with this misconception in mind.
So i guess thats all for today...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pursuit of Love

Love, she was in a quest for,
The meaning, the feeling and the realization
She was seeking
Giving love and expecting the same
From all in the way
Betrayed time and again she felt lost
But hope in her heart she nurtured
And selflessly spread love
To all in her path

Used, abused and abandoned,
But bright and high,
The spirit of life and joy
She held
Knowing nothing of the future
Caring nothing of the past
She went on
Passionate and sincere
Towards the Love
She desired and craved

Eternal love awaited her
Arms spread out
To welcome her
Bliss and immortality
Destiny carved by actions
Not fate
She surrendered herself to
The Eternal Lover
The Soul

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Complexities of the Human Mind

Complexities of the Human Mind
People I meet different in nature and
Different they are in ways and manners
Not understandable nor decipherable
There is neither logic nor any rationale,
There exists no code, no formula to know their type
Behavior or reaction
Thinking on these lines I loose myself,
My thoughts lead me on to areas unexplored, unknown.
How can I learn about a person, the psyche or the belief…
Despite all the sciences there is, I feel, still a lot of
Mystery in the minds of men and women…
Then I think that I can’t know nor try to know…
But I can only try ,predict
With observation, not judgment,
Through listening, involving and experiencing
The other person
Patience and compassion and trustworthiness
I should develop
And then I can maybe start towards unveiling the
Complexities of the human mind.