Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year... even though belated!! :)

Again sorry folks for the big break in blogging!! This habit of mine is bad, stopping communication altogether, but I know my blog is like a faithful companion who is always there (till now at least) when I am in a frame of mind to share my thoughts, experiences etc. 

2011 has been a wonderful year for me. For all the problems and situations faces, for all the challenges overcome, for every action of love and tenderness I thank all those who are a part of my life,with me to support me through thick and thin. Life is never a bed of roses, we all know and there are few who are there for you. They are the real treasures of your life. I just want to express my love towards them today. Please bear with me in case this seems to be irrelevant and mushy to you, but I want to write my first blog with the acknowledgement of the love and affection I have been given.

As always, parents are the first on the list. I am not the best daughter in this world I know and I value your acceptance of me (even with the misgivings you have about my future). Its only with your support and love I have been able to come out of the messy situations I have managed to put myself into. 

Brother dear, for me you are the pillar of support and encouragement. I am proud to be your sister and admire your levelheadedness and maturity even though you are younger. There is a long way to go and I promise to be there for you always as I know you would be for me.

Friends I have many(with acha's postings and all plus my colleges)... but I want to thank you all who do not need to specially mentioned as you know your importance in my life. It is not important how long we have been together but the fact that even though we may be miles apart or even just at a five minutes distance, our friendship remains and will remain. The social worker, the rock star, the psychologist, the intellectual, my favorite kochhachan, Chairman, the lawyer(s) ( :P) are some who I wanna specially mention here cause of their understanding, tolerance (of all the cribbing, bitching and crying!!) and love... I wish that this new year brings to what you desire or at least closer to that perfect state.

This one is specially for all my social networking buddies, readers of my blog and all of you reading this right now. Each of you are important in making me realize the power of the written word, expressing and sharing desires, thoughts, experiences. I look forward to your feedback on what I share ranging from a funny video to a blog post. Thanks for your appreciation, criticisms, sarcasm and for being online!!! :)

I think the list is as endless as is the list of people in my life who make it worth living. I just am happy that you all are a part of my life and make it better in your own ways....

Here's Wishing All of you a Very Happy New... with prosperity and joy till the next year!