Saturday, February 5, 2011

Making it Happen!

   We all wish for that something more in our life. Be it money, love, a more satisfying career... anything. There is more often than not something which remains elusive in our lives. The one thing that would make our life a dream come true. 

What stops us from going forward and pursuing our dreams and eccentricities?

   The life that we all want is not beyond our reach... Its just that we need to extend our hand a bit further and stretch our limits to the maximum. The reason for hesitation may differ for each of us. But that our devil... and we need to fight it if we want to achieve something in life which we are proud of. Whatever it may be!

   I have so many different things in my mind which I want to do in this life. And each experience  would make me a better person. But something pulls me back always... I realized that somewhere in the back of my mind I am afraid of taking risks now and I want to take the safe track in life! That is my Devil! And its hard to fight it. 

   So whenever someone questions me about the path that I want to take or have taken. I get confused about my decisions, question it! And then only doubts prevail rendering me incapable of real action. But when it comes to decision making in my professional and other capacities, I am sure about myself. But for any decision concerning my life, career or studies I tend to look for external support.And we all know what happens if u get too much advice and suggestions! I have been restricting myself, tying my own wings and suppressing my desires behind the wall of doubt and confusion.Well its high time that this wall is broken! 

   The first step to overcome weakness is to understand it. Only then you can alert yourself when the weakness starts raising its hood. Thus now I am more cautious about going into the over cautious mode! What if I make a mistake sometimes is the question that hounds me...But then mistakes are made by people who do not try anything new. As James Joyce once said," “A man's errors are his portals of discovery.”

Its time to fly now...and follow my happiness! :)


Romeo Das said...

Beautifully written. Enjoyed my stay here :)

Hope you enjoy reading my post too -
To hold you in my arms, to promise you my love!

Kylah said...

Love this post! So true that we are able to make decisions in our professional lives, but when it comes to our personal lives we seem to question our decision making ability and look for that external validation.

Thanks for sharing!

Yoky Lie @ Lucky Blog said...

Hi, this is awesome...
Let we catch our dreams and making it happen...

I'm pretty sure you will love this post

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