Friday, October 9, 2009


There is so much we all want from life
More than just the simple pleasures of life
We desire
Content!! Satisfied!!?
Is there anyone who is?
The desires are always for something we don’t have
Or which is elusive…
We call it ambition, determination to succeed or whatever…
But at times,
I think its just simple Greed
Our dignity, self respect
Our emotions
Principles and Morals
All sacrificed in the name of
We trample on others,
We pull them down
We ridicule others
In the name of competition
In the name of business
In the name of economics!!
It is a subject
Just that
Which is mugged up
And forgotten
‘It’s just not practical’
Is the common refrain!
Buying Happiness, is possible
When do we learn that though…
That all we pursue is
But shallow, temporary and useless
Peace of mind, body and soul
Is the most important of all
I guess
Not till its too late…..
Too late to undo whats done..