Thursday, September 30, 2010


Are you creative and how? Explain about your creativity? blah blah blah creative skills/creativity? I am stumped by these questions!

Rendered speechless!

I am still looking for a perfect answer that would satisfy both me and the person asking that question...

Do I talk about of my flair for writing/sketching?
Do I talk about my interest in analysing situations/ problem (of and for others :P) and coming out with 'creative' solutions!
Do I talk about the stupid/intelligent but creative one liners I sometimes pop while conversing/chatting with friends!!

Then again I find these kinds of questions absurd.

First of all I believe that all of us are creative though not in the most obvious ways. But isn't it true that all of us dream and other than the artists, musicians, authors there are some of us who can 'spin' great stories, cook innovative dishes, dress up in different styles and looks, make houses look like homes in different designs and create different kinds of ambiance and so many other way that we all use our creativity.And not all of these make for convincing answers!! :)

There is so much to talk about and share and personally I am not able to sum it up in few sentences which would also spark an interest in the listener... so whenever I am asked that question... I go blank and say something (which am sure is neither impressive nor interesting!) just to go to the next question...

Which may be equally confounded like - Where do you see yourselves five/ten years from now!! :D I do not really want to get into the nuances of answering that question right now... I think that would make for another good write up later on! So any suggestions on answering the creativity question is welcome!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Courtsey and Politeness a thing of the past????

Thank You! May I? Could you please?? I am a bit busy right now, shall I call you back later?? ( and actually calling back) etc etc.

All these I guess have become a thing of the past... Is it unfashionable to be polite and courteous? So many instances, I have observed people (including myself) just not bothering with the small niceties like actually calling back in case they miss some one's call, thanking somebody for the help they rendered, etc.

Another observation is the scenario when one is not in a position to help or doesn't want to help and yet do not state (let it be any reason) that fact to the person concerned... just dilly dally until the last moment and finally just avoid him/her (that's just being so insensitive and wrong!!) Thus the person who needs help is just left high and dry with no other option either
Just a simple ' Hey buddy I'm sorry don't think I can do that!' or "Sorry, I don't think I can make it today!!' would have been better!

But instead, calls are not attended to, messages not replied to... Is this what friendship all about??? Don't the basic qualities of courtesy, politeness have no value anymore?

Or is that in this fast world, we do not have time for all these 'mundane' things in life?

I wonder on.....

Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy to Just be!

I am Happy to just be...
Without a Care in the world,
I sing, dance and speak
My mind
The Ultimate Freedom
Is what I Seek...
Not be pulled down by the Mundane
The Rigid and the Narrow
Try as they may

Nothing to Prove
Nothing to Exhibit
With Freedom
I blossom like the lilies in the pond
a naughty cool breeze in summer,
the warmth of the winter sun,
I love to be...Just be...
Happy to Just be!!