Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Story of stories

The story so far,
Made of so many stories
Make me, Me

At the start, of Every story
The confidence of the knowledge
'This is what I want!' or
'I know what I want!'
How funny is that,
Think I now,
At the end of it now

The doubts start
Churning and brewing
Like bouts of acidity
After a heavy Indian meal!
Midway through this happens
The thoughts turn positive,
Like a sudden 'Eno On' effect,
Quells the discomfort for the time.

Finally stifled and strained
The bonds break
A permanent Cure, I wish to find
Shackles to be broken,
Pulled down again and again
Breaking down walls, bridges and dams
I run
Swearing, Never again, never again!
Alas, if I only knew!

This is the story of all stories,
The formula which is common throughout,
Yet it happens again and again....