Monday, December 22, 2008

A Lover's Desire

There that feeling is here again
Lost I feel without you
The longing for your touch
Your voice, your fragrance…
The need to be with you
For just that one look,
For that one smile
The desire to be in your arms
And forget the bonds of this world
Just being with you
To me makes all the difference
I don’t know what’s right what’s wrong
Just know that it doesn’t affect me
All I want is to be with you
Be yours…for as long as possible

Thoughts while waiting at an airport

It’s the voice of the ground staff
Announcing the delay in the departure of the flight
At the same time there is a lot of noise around
As we all may have seen in a normal day in an airport
People in queues waiting to
Undergo the security check, unavoidable it is
The stamp of the personnel on their boarding passes
This is a normal day in the airport
Passengers are many, going to different destinations
All are waiting,
Some are reading, some busy on mobiles
The whole atmosphere seems so routine and mechanical
Here and there kids run around playing
Their mothers worried
Rarely does anyone smile or even acknowledge the presence of others
Civilization has lead to the mechanization of human lives,
That which was right is no longer so
People are lost in themselves and each wants to win
At the cost of others
Innocence is lost and useless, trust is equivalent to
Where is the human race going?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Curious Kitten

A cute little kitten
Curious and Oh so naughty!
Everywhere pokes around
Wonder of wonders awaits its
Big green eyes
At every nook and corner
Hops and jumps,
Chases and stalks
The novel,the unknown is sought for,
The known, the familiar is boring and abandoned,

The playful search, when
Will it end
A pursuit so fascinating,
Would there be?
To hold forever the attention of
The naughty kitten