Monday, December 22, 2008

Thoughts while waiting at an airport

It’s the voice of the ground staff
Announcing the delay in the departure of the flight
At the same time there is a lot of noise around
As we all may have seen in a normal day in an airport
People in queues waiting to
Undergo the security check, unavoidable it is
The stamp of the personnel on their boarding passes
This is a normal day in the airport
Passengers are many, going to different destinations
All are waiting,
Some are reading, some busy on mobiles
The whole atmosphere seems so routine and mechanical
Here and there kids run around playing
Their mothers worried
Rarely does anyone smile or even acknowledge the presence of others
Civilization has lead to the mechanization of human lives,
That which was right is no longer so
People are lost in themselves and each wants to win
At the cost of others
Innocence is lost and useless, trust is equivalent to
Where is the human race going?

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