Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Can we just live life one day at a time
No worries, no fuss, no pretensions..
Is that possible...
I wonder why we look for attachments, 
Bondings which pull us down
And render us incapable of

Is there someway to break free...
Difficult, may be impossible 
To truly be free
Is it practical in the 
age we live?

The pain, the sorrow
The pangs of separation,
The illusion of joy,
Everything can be avoided
If it was only possible to
Attain liberty...
Is it worth trying???

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bright sunny meadows...
fragrance of fresh hay and flowers
Amalgamate and bring forth haunting memories
Of the childhood past...adolescence lost
The Age of innocence and freedom
simplicity and fun....

The splendour of the sunset 
reminds of the playful abandon and careless joy
Nothing to regret, nothing to contemplate
Living in the moment
Of pure ecstasy, grief or anger
And move on as well

The brilliance of the past is long gone....
The future is doubtful...
The present looks bleak...dark and deep...

Lets for one moment
Be happy as we are now
At this moment...
Forget the world and Just BE...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Random incomplete thoughts...

Walking through hazardous and tricky paths of life, 
Knowing not,which turn to take when, 
The weather dictates the pace
The wind, the direction
Sailing along, lost...

...The monster lurks within and without
Its presence can be felt
It enchants to death
Through the mysterious depths of the ocean within
It spreads it tentacles of menace...

...Eyes invite, lips quiver
the more she shies, the more he wants her
To hold her, comfort her and take her forever
Innocent and lovely dame, she
Steals his heart and makes him
 lose reason and logic...

...The frail man,
Crying out loud and frantic
hopeless, deperate and frustrated
Horrendous and hideous, the hooded man with the whip
the wicked but enamourous eyes smirk at the sight, 
partly hidden by the veil...

...Life just gave me a shake today
Wake up and realise, it said
Time is not just ticking, its running
Slowing down, stopping 
All signs of reluctance,
Abandon and move forward
Lest you are left behin...