Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Can we just live life one day at a time
No worries, no fuss, no pretensions..
Is that possible...
I wonder why we look for attachments, 
Bondings which pull us down
And render us incapable of

Is there someway to break free...
Difficult, may be impossible 
To truly be free
Is it practical in the 
age we live?

The pain, the sorrow
The pangs of separation,
The illusion of joy,
Everything can be avoided
If it was only possible to
Attain liberty...
Is it worth trying???


deepika said...

at last got to visit ur blog!!! "simply superb"... havent read the rest.... but the last one is too good... very true, very enlightning.. keep writing :)

maals. said...


Mithun said...

a very nice one