Sunday, October 10, 2010

I still hold on...

It makes me go crazy
The Past
But I never let others know
Still holding on to the grudges,
The mistakes,
Forgiveness, doesn't come
Naturally to me
I still hold on,
Even though, its all gone

The spitefulness within,
Burns more fiercely,
My thoughts hurt me more and more
The lids closed though and
the tumult within
Unknown to the ones I love
Respite I find through words and colours
But I still hold on
Even though, its all gone

Dark Secrets,
Deep Regrets
Somethings, never to be shared
Never to be let out
To the grave they will go
With me and me alone
A Pandora's Box,
But I still hold on
Even though, its all gone

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I know what u feel for I can feel the same sweets........Life is weird but then we live on....... hold on....coz Life gives us the strength to move on! But u know I am always there for u......always!