Friday, February 4, 2011

Death.. Unknown but Certain

The thought of death has been coming to my mind a lot lately. The moment we are conceived, the one thing that is certain is death.Whether we are rich, poor, noble or evil... death will conquer us all. It erases all traces of individuality and our life. It is like a never ending battle as Death strikes at Life... But Life is renewed and rejuvenated at each fall. Death is as mysterious as it is certain. Thus we have Religion and Spirituality to seek answers from. The Truth though will come only when it strikes and the experience nobody never get to share with anyone.

Death,definite from birth
Nothing else is so..
You and Me
This moment we may seize
Next moment we may cease
Life is so...
Only Death is so...

Virgins? Angels?
The Lord?
You and Me
The promise of alluring
The free Life of afterlife
Who knows, not I!
Life is so...
Only Death is so...

Poor , Rich
Good, Evil
You and Me
Just Dust and Bones..
The soul?
Is it there or where?
Life is so... uncertain
Only Death is so...certain


Mithun M Chand said...

in one word- awesome..

The Thoughtless Thinker said...

thanks dear... :)

Anonymous said...

in simple terms... born to die.. nice thoughts btw...

Anonymous said...

in simple terms.. born to die... nice thoughts BTW...