Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A journey to the soul..

I yearn for a journey
To the souls
Explore the depths of
Our thoughts and desires
The core of our being
The light beckons
You see only darkness
I see the path to my salvation

I can see you laugh
Silently at my ramblings of passion
But rest I will not
Until the pursued joins the pursuit
For I know you will

Hidden in your contempt is the need to be
More than now,
And what better than the love of love
Unbridled by rights and wrongs of the present
But guided by creation
Vibrant and alive
To show you the path you desire and fear...
Is but the truth of your being..

Democracy of the confounded

What's right what wrong,
Who will decide for whom
The hand , the sickle or the lotus bloom
The common man...
Who is she?
The majority...
Where are they?
The voters...
What do they do?
The country...
Is it even true?
What choice do I have,
Or do you?
To be where you are..
To live where you do...

To do what you want...

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

It's not easy...

I know,
What I seek when I
Gaze into your eyes
Nothing's simple
Nothing's straight
It's not easy to feel what I do
And be polite and nice

You said you want
To be held and never let go
To kiss and be
It took my soul all its strength
To contain my fluttering heart
And handle my bated breathe
For it’s not easy to feel what I do
And be polite and nice

It may be passe for you
Just a phase of
Curiosity or entertainment
It's confusing no doubt
Each moment spent in
Conversation and chatter
For it’s not easy to feel what I do
And be polite and nice

Loss of nothing

That feeling
That grows on you
The mould on the bread,
The moss on the wall
The havoc of a storm
It creeps in unnoticed
Benign and needy
Until it strikes you in core
And puts you down
The feeling of loss
When there was nothing to be lost...

Monday, March 20, 2017


She lay there staring at the darkness above
A torn body, the mind in shreds
Unwilling to get up,
She felt nothing within
Nothing but darkness
Her rage was impotent
Her fire was gone
In the blaze of power
Unwilling to fight
The battle that was
Without a choice or consent
Her love was shattered
Her warmth was gone
She lay there staring at the ceiling
Unwilling to get up
Unwilling to fight.