Saturday, October 18, 2008

Random Thoughts

Sometimes it is just so nice and think about the past...Sit back and just think... of the childhood past, the adolescence lost. It is funny how we tend to think that this is the worst stage of life at every stage !!! It is only when we move on that we realise...Oh shucks!! those days were sooooo good. What life is this??!! but then the dawn of such a realization is a wee
Just waiting to create a whole lot of chaos and trouble, playing pranks on others, the little devils that we were, out to conquer the world... the falls, the fights, the pranks...well I was quite a tomboy, the leader of the gang!! Reminds me of the day when i ganged up all the girls of my class against this class bully...poor guy he had no chance, the whacking he got that day, he would never be able to forget!!!
Then there were times to butter up our class teacher in 1st std, we competed against each other. Made her greeting cards, brought her flowers...oh we could really be sweet.
The other memorable times are the tantrums and the cuddling up with parents, taking advantage of their love in small evil ways...hmmm well times fly and before you know you have all those hormones playing havoc within you

The first crush, the deep sighs, the romantic ideals....and what not.Raging hormones, create uncontrollable emotions and rebellions within. You wanna shout out at, scream your feelings and retort and react at the slightest provocation. Then there is supposed to be a whole lot of pressure. Well Frankly, I never encountered any kinds of pressure, was a really chilled out teenager( really popular too!!!) Well do not want to elaborate on the popularity aspect right now... but yes i enjoy thinking about those days....again the pranks i played, all the mischief i set loose....
I never regret anything i did, each experience has only made me a better person, with more understanding and wisdom(hopeful of that)....

Life moves very fast, faster than we think. It is important to treasure every moment you spend, make it the best moment of your life.... because life doesn't repeat itself.


Devidas said...

nice work there... and the layout of blog is quite charming.. thanks for visiting ma blog... keep coming,,,,

sandeep said...

Good very nice never knew ur such a good writer.

Anonymous said...

Great post.