Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Best of Luck!!!

Your eyes are pits of smoldering fire and sparks

The veins throb hard as if trying to burst and flow out

There is a look which I have not see before

But scared I am not… as I look at u eye to eye

Your slave I no longer am

My identity no longer from you stems

It is mine, of my actions and desires

It exudes independence, excitement and elegance

Risen from the ashes it has… which you tried to destroy

No! you no longer affect it… no longer! no longer!

Surprised I am at my own will and courage

All I feel is a sarcastic pity at your cowardice

Bound you too are by your own prejudice and ignorance.

Wisdom and good sense elude you

All I can say to you is

Best of luck my friend!!

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