Saturday, July 10, 2010

Change is the only constant!?

'Change is the only constant'

It is a translation or interpretation of a quote by the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, 'Nothing Endures but Change'.

This reminds me what our Integrated Marketing Communication Prof used to say, ' Change is changing!!' We used to laugh so often at this!! But it is true, I believe.

Change can be felt all around us and even within us at all times. From the evident changes in technology, development, science, attitudes etc to the obscure ones that happen deep within the consciousness of individuals, in our bodies, in minds!! Change is the one thing that endures.

Now a question pops up. Is Change related to time? What are the factors which affect Change?
If I start thinking on that then the doubts and thoughts would be eternal I guess? But it makes a wonderful topic for a philosophical discussion I suppose?

Getting back to the topic, I feel one of the important aspects of society is the the concept of right and wrong. What is acceptable or unacceptable, social or anti Social, Moral or immoral? Social mores that are defined by the society's norms or values, which are derived from the established practices of society rather than laws. These keep changing.

This is the era of stark contrasts.In the existence of 'live-in' relationships, 'inter-caste' marriages, DINK lifestyles along with 'dishonour killings', caste and gender discrimination, etc, we can see the forces of change which also brings about conflict, confusion and identity crisis.The push and pull between the conventional and unconventional, traditional and modern,gives way to a new way of thinking which may be a blend of all. Everything around us evolving, for the better or worse. While polygamy, child marriage and 'sati' are no longer the norms, flesh trade, pornography (particularly child pornography, bestiality which i think are perversions), drug abuse etc are on the rise. What is right and what is not may be an individual choice, but should not be one which harms the innocent and the vulnerable. Everyone has a right to choose, to decide what is best for them.And even that may change with time!

I do not what to debate on rights and wrongs here... that varies from individual to individual, culture to culture. But it is interesting to observe the forces of change at play and how the society, individuals evolve under different conditions.

The reaction to change may vary, the intensity may vary but change is universal, change is eternal. Change ensures continuity of life and society. Change ensure survival of species. Change brings about innovation. Thus change is not only constant but essential too


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