Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Random Ramblings

Sometimes there is this inherent feeling of loneliness, even while you seem to be totally engaged with the people around you. The sort of a hollowness. In spite of this, we smile, cheer, hug and talk and do all things that are expected of us by our acquaintances, friends, family etc. But deep within is that sense of disenchantment and shock with the way we are able to wear these different masks as and when required. Is it necessary this facade? This which makes us be what we are not.

All around me I see this superficial display of affections, fake words and overwhelming intolerance and nonacceptance of a human being as a human being. This also results in mutual distrust and suspicion. People talk about values, feelings, absolute right and wrong... forgetting that these are subjective and cannot be standardised for all. As a human being, I have my strengths and weaknesses, flaws,my own values and principles. I am similar to all but at the same time am unique. You may not respond to something the same way as I do. Thus, equal and same inputs for all more often than not, doesn't lead to equal and similar output from all.One would assume that the kind of institution that I am in right now, there would be individuals who would be mature enough to agree to disagree, wise enough not to interfere, and tolerant. But I understand now, that people do not change, that basic traits remain the same, whichever the institution, state or city... the majority rules, even if it may be wrong, promoting mediocrity, penalising the performers, etc etc. The pains people go through to make themselves look, sound and feel the way they are 'supposed' to while all the while their actions unwittingly show that they are not what they want you to think they are!! Confusing ain't it... but life is not simple. I am still unable to understand the motivations behind many actions and words of people... But surely, sharing it with you through this blog has definitely made my mind more peaceful.

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magiceye said...

the beauty of blogging!
lightens the mind!
lovely post..