Friday, February 13, 2009


I stand here wondering which

Path to take

The paths which are yet to be made…

The paths already traced out in front

Where will they take me

What dangers and hurdles lie in front

I know not

Only the courage and spirit of life

Takes me ahead

But still I am in a dilemma

Knowing that it doesn’t matter, whatever

Has to happen will

But still the mind wonders and wonders on

The confusion clouds the mind

And renders logic and reason helpless

As I stand wondering here which path to take in life


craving to love life said...

nice read.....ur last poem was also on the same lines...

Ashvin said...

what seems to be the confusion madam. do let me know if i could help :)

Shamim Rafeek said...

Hi, accidentally got into your blog. Its interesting and you seems to be very plain hearted and talking from the bottom of your heart. I do have a blog in which i write on various management topics, do visit when u get time.

Take care, god bless you. Regards,Shamim

Abhilash chandran R.J said...


Lifeagain said...

Make your own path:)atleast that way you would get to be responsible for your actions and its always fun travelling the less travelled path if not the untravelled path.

Keep it coming.