Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Courage in a woman is often mistaken as insanity

Someone recently told me that I am too independent(which is a bad thing.) ... I do not understand that.. too independent in relation to what and who? I believe that I need emotional dependence... and i crave and search for that... fearless.. even that is a misnomer... all of us have fears .. some of then which we are unaware of... i treasure that fact that I am a woman... and my expressions reflect that. Ii is tough being 'seen' as a misfit as a black sheep... and sometimes you start 'feeling' that you are.. Courage is about facing your fears, challenging your inhibitions and I believe that is what is required... 

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yogesh dahiya said...

We hate evrything that we cant becum; evry milestone that we cant achieve, every happiness that we cant cherish....n evry free bird!
N EVRY OTHER PERSON WHO IS MORE COURAGEOUS THAN US, who keeps reminding us of our lack of fearlessness, cowardice at times..who keeps giving us that INFERIORITY COMPLEX..that we lack so much despite pretending that we r so accomplished in every way!
why bother?? n why need approval or acceptance for our basic right of standing with the right, calling spade a spade n supporting the truth!!
they point fingers..coz they know thay can never b YOU..coz u make them realise evry now n then how unaccomplished they are!!