Monday, January 26, 2009

Well there is always a tendency in me to complicate my life... I think I am very good at it...may be no one can do it like me...

Just cannot let life be as it is,
Always the search for more,
better, and even more...
The Quest, almost always lands me
in a quagmire, the solution to which
Involves that which am terrible at ;
between something desirable, lovable, 
unnatainable, unreasonable or un
Importance of anyone, questioned, cannot be
I procrastinate, delay and try to circumvent
And then comes a point where finally life takes a decision!!!
And tries to attain the equilibrium that 
I always tend to destroy....
I know it 


Lifeagain said...

Life would be way too boring with the usual mundane things if it werent complicated.:)So complicated is a better option:)

Transient Consciousness said...

"the equilibrium that
I always tend to destroy...."

disequilibrium is bliss.