Monday, August 3, 2009

Live and Let Live!!

I am an individual, a human being…a unique creation of God ( if u believe in Him/Her) or of nature.. I am also a part of this civilization which has evolved over years of interactions among humans, with nature and other creatures, scientific discoveries and inventions, disasters and wars and much more.

My existence and survival depends on others(human or non human) much ever I try to deny that fact, I cannot survive without the interactions and actions of others..and more importantly my actions have consequences not only for me but for others who in some way are connected to me..I cannot disregard this.

Till recently I did not give a thought to this responsibility that is on me...I can make a difference in others' lives through unintentional actions of mine. I realise now that there needs to be some kind of a check on one self...I cannot fulfill all my whims and fancies just because its my life is intertwined with the lives of others and not just my family, siblings or friends..I need to be considerate and more understanding that my life is mine but I don't have the right to cause harm to another just because I think its right according to me... So the statement that I do what I think is right goes right down the drain...

The theory of six degrees of separation was mentioned in one of the conversations with my friends..That comes back to me right now...The modern world is shrinking...and even though it is also observed that human beings are becoming more and more self centred and egoistic..I think it can also be said that our actions can have far greater repercussions than we think. Thus the need to realise the same and think carefully about each step we take in life..

Live and Let Live!!

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