Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Random thoughts!!!

Am I supposed to be true or wear a colorful painted mask for your pleasure??? Do you accept people as they are??

Why do I feel the need to please you with my manners, my dress and other irrelevant niceties?Where does real freedom reside when each of us wants to control and mould others according to our desires?

The freedom I find within myself, I cannot ever find anywhere else? I am the only one who can accept me as I am... but what happens when I myself chain myself from wandering through my thoughts and imagination.The thoughts once treasured and cherished, now are discarded and lost, never to be found again.

Friday, July 16, 2010

A Disoriented Sense of Traffic!!

I have been riding two wheelers since I was 15- 16. But my training on driving and traffic sense began much before that when my dad used to take me along to drop me to school, shopping etc. He always spoke about the importance of anticipation, awareness and alertness while walking on the road or driving. Just recently I have started driving my car, not an expert though.

Whatever little experience I have in driving, I cannot help notice the lack of traffic sense and awareness of basic traffic rules in pedestrians and motorists. . Whether it is using the dipper inside the city or when a vehicle is approaching from the other side, total disregard for speed limits or one way signs, turning without giving an indication, the result is disruption of the 'what is supposed to be smooth' flow of traffic often leading to traffic jams and inconvenience.

In my city, Kochi, most of the roads are narrow and most of them are marred with potholes and puddles, the total irreverence to traffic rules and lack of traffic sense only add to the misery! I guess the same is true in many cities in India.

During my school days we used to have seminars on traffic safety guidelines and rules. These were to be followed by us as pedestrians/drivers/ passenger in order to increase safety or reduce the risk of accidents. I think there needs to be more of such Training Sessions for adults also!Most importantly, drivers of Heavy Vehicles/transport vehicles have to be given specific training on safe driving

There is no training given on traffic rules and regulations by most driving schools that we enroll in. The one exception that I know to this is the Maruti Driving School, where the there is proper training given on each aspect of driving, from the basics of the car, traffic regulations etc. I feel such kind of training is required to be given to every driving license holder. Otherwise what is the need to a driving license??? It is easy to learn how to ride a two wheeler or drive a four wheeler, but what is required in addition to this is to ensure proper training to these prospective drivers in order to avoid accidents and other inconveniences.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Change is the only constant!?

'Change is the only constant'

It is a translation or interpretation of a quote by the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, 'Nothing Endures but Change'.

This reminds me what our Integrated Marketing Communication Prof used to say, ' Change is changing!!' We used to laugh so often at this!! But it is true, I believe.

Change can be felt all around us and even within us at all times. From the evident changes in technology, development, science, attitudes etc to the obscure ones that happen deep within the consciousness of individuals, in our bodies, in minds!! Change is the one thing that endures.

Now a question pops up. Is Change related to time? What are the factors which affect Change?
If I start thinking on that then the doubts and thoughts would be eternal I guess? But it makes a wonderful topic for a philosophical discussion I suppose?

Getting back to the topic, I feel one of the important aspects of society is the the concept of right and wrong. What is acceptable or unacceptable, social or anti Social, Moral or immoral? Social mores that are defined by the society's norms or values, which are derived from the established practices of society rather than laws. These keep changing.

This is the era of stark contrasts.In the existence of 'live-in' relationships, 'inter-caste' marriages, DINK lifestyles along with 'dishonour killings', caste and gender discrimination, etc, we can see the forces of change which also brings about conflict, confusion and identity crisis.The push and pull between the conventional and unconventional, traditional and modern,gives way to a new way of thinking which may be a blend of all. Everything around us evolving, for the better or worse. While polygamy, child marriage and 'sati' are no longer the norms, flesh trade, pornography (particularly child pornography, bestiality which i think are perversions), drug abuse etc are on the rise. What is right and what is not may be an individual choice, but should not be one which harms the innocent and the vulnerable. Everyone has a right to choose, to decide what is best for them.And even that may change with time!

I do not what to debate on rights and wrongs here... that varies from individual to individual, culture to culture. But it is interesting to observe the forces of change at play and how the society, individuals evolve under different conditions.

The reaction to change may vary, the intensity may vary but change is universal, change is eternal. Change ensures continuity of life and society. Change ensure survival of species. Change brings about innovation. Thus change is not only constant but essential too

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Walking through MG Roads is the best exercise!!!

Walking( wading during rainy season!!)especially through MG Road (Kochi) is the best exercise a person can get. Just a 1 km walk can help us tone and exercise various muscles of our body and also strengthen our concentration and observation powers. The footpaths are designed and maintained in such a manner to ensure that there is ample opportunity for us to get the daily workout that we need!

Pedestrians have to tackle a series of puddles, uneven and sometimes 'invisible' slabs which help to increase the observation powers. In addition jumping, walking on toes on these footpaths also increases the agility of the leg muscles.In stretches, the footpaths have been deliberately been avoided so that there is an increased challenge of dodging vehicles, and preventing water being splashed on to them. This also helps in increasing our flexibility and decreasing reaction time. The motivation to quickly finish the ordeal and increase the speed is provided by either providing the view of the our city's drains through specially made grill on the slab or through heaps of wet and slimy sludge which is deposited on the footpath. This is a tool which simulates our senses in order to quicken our progress through M G Road!!! During the rainy season, this work out is made even more exciting and arduous by converting the roads into temporary rivers/lakes where the pedestrians can wade to increase their strength and stamina and also give a boost to their immunity.Therefore I think that walking through M G Road and many other roads in Kochi is a good way to exercise especially for people like me who are not able to find the time for it!!!

Why I am not able to write nowadays??

I have been contemplating for some days why I am not able to write as often as I used to before. I used to jot down something or the other at least once every week, and not just poetry. My views on various current issues, essays, poems etc etc. Its hard for me to even remember those days now. And not that I don't get ideas on what to write about (even though that's what my usual excuse is!!) I even get suggestion on what I could write about, but more often than not am not able to follow that up.

So I thought, like many do, let me also at least write about my inability to create something worthy with words.

A friend asked me recently, 'So what can be the reason you don't write as frequently as before?'

Here are the possible answers that I can think of :
  1. I don't have time ? ( that sounds lame even to me!! he he)
  2. Words don't flow as they used to before (something which can be termed as 'writer's block?) Yes, to an extent this is true. Even though I may have an idea about what to write about, sometimes I am not able to express myself through my writings and so i just give up.
  3. Not inspired enough? Hmm...true, although the correct word would be passionate enough... not passionate enough about anything to write about it.
  4. What I write I scrap.... yeah that happens often too...
Okay, Okay! I can go on about my various reasons, but what I want to and should do is begin again.... transforming my thoughts and imagination into words, linking them to the real world and hopefully creating something which you would love to read, think about and may be discuss... which would touch your mind and soul... give you some happiness, a break from the daily stress and tension... like a pleasant breeze , enthralling waterfall or a beautiful sunset!!!

Wow! That would actually make my day!!!

Wish me luck....