Thursday, March 31, 2011

The morning swim!!

I got up early that day.The last day of my blissful holiday! It was over too quickly... two beautiful days...passed by as if in a few moments! My friends were still sleeping and didn't seem to keen to leave the world of their dreams either! I decided that a few moments of solitude would do me good!

Walking by the beach just as the warm rays of the sun touched the sands... and the sea silently receded after a night of fun. Heavenly was the only word to describe it! The air as fresh as it gets nowadays and the serenity of the place makes one free from all worries and calms down the nerves... 'Om Shanti!' The tourists here also are the calm and peaceful lots... greetings and smiles all around! The fresh morning breeze and the scintillating waves beckoned me into the sea!

As the water touched me, engulfed my body in a cool embrace... all the laziness drained off! I wanted more of the sea as she seduced me out of my sleep into her fresh arms...Swimming in the deep blue sea with the light blue sky above and the warmth of the sun on my skin, only one thought pervaded my thoughts...I wish I could be here like this forever, no worries, nothing just living each day as it comes...

That is when I saw another sight, which I believe is a rare one.... A big wave was coming my way and I could clearly see an orange fish swim along with the wave till it broke about a few feet away from me! Amazed for the few seconds I stood there in a reverie till another wave pushed me down and brought me back to reality!
It was time to go wake up my friends and get ready to leave this beautiful place which gave me memories to remember for a lifetime!

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Mithun M Chand said...

As i was reading this i cud c tat orange fish .. :) too good