Monday, March 11, 2013


This feeling of loneliness and boredom I dread
Not just dread but hate
It is a bait,
A bait, a temptation
To be reckless
Pulled back, restricted...
I feel
Waiting to fly away
I betray
My duties, my determination

I look around for words,
words, Words!
Soothing words
Of love, support and inspiration
Nought! Nothing!
Where are you?
I look around again and again
Bring me some motivation
To go on undaunted
To be, to stay 
So that I don't betray
My duties, my determination

1 comment:

andE said...

watever u r smokin up ! i need 2 kgs of it ! ;-)

smhow i could relate to each word here ! only one thing to say : control oneself , its a jungle out there