Thursday, May 19, 2011

First Immpressions: Mumbai!

Mumbai - The city of dreams... the city that never sleeps... etc etc.

Well I had once said I would never prefer to live in Mumbai... But now I cannot wait to get there! There is a mix of apprehension and curiosity about how it will be to live and learn in such a big metro city!

So I have got selected into my dream institution - Tata Institute of Social Sciences and I had to go to complete my admission formalities.

The first thing I noticed and got scared about is the traffic and how dangerously close and fast the vehicles ply!! In the days I was there itself, there was a report of a gruesome accident as a result of over speeding and recklessness!

Then I had the luck to experience the Mumbai Local... and thankfully the first few experiences were wonderful... nothing to complain about.

Another interesting visit was to this  'hep' side of Mumbai - a mall called Palladium. It was as if I was in another part of the world... it did also kind of remind me of Delhi but not so much. It was different. And yeah lots of legs (well toned) and bellies (flat)!! All of this kind of made me conscious of my own not so perfect appearance!! So much so that I did not feel like shopping even!! :O

Yeah and how can I miss the TISS campus... I do not know whether to classify it as chilled out, helpful, endearing, etc etc... But it was awesome and I so look forward to the learning experience of two more years.

I know I haven't even seen one percent of this great city which is truly the commercial capital of India. But definitely it is the hard work of the people here and the endless pursuit of their dreams (small or big) that keeps the city ticking and moving onwards even in the face of adversities and disasters. So fingers crossed and lot of excitement!!

I wait.....

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Jaspreet said...

Hey sweets, u look great so u shop till u drop ok! Its more important to be good looking in ou heart! Remember that and I love u for being just that! All the very best for a new beggining..........