Saturday, May 28, 2011

Real Beauty: Perceptions Differ

One of the definitions of the word Beauty (as given by Merriam- Webster) is the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit. Thus it is related to our senses,our mind and our spirit. This means that real beauty would be different for different people. This is quite obvious when we observe physical concepts of beauty differ in different cultures, races, countries etc. These concepts change with time. Another aspect of this definition of beauty is that these are qualities, which are not necessarily the visual qualities.So anything can be beautiful ;  music, fragrance, the inherent or developed qualities of a human being.

Let me restrict myself to human beings. In the present scenario, everyone wants to 'look' beautiful! A lot of importance is being given to superficial and external beauty. Scientists are coming out with the measurements/ratios of 'perfect' or 'real' beauty. Plastic surgeons are using these measurements to make people look beautiful. In addition we have the various creams, serums which are supposed to make us look beautiful and then the gyms and fitness clubs. The cosmetics and fashion industry is thriving on the aspirations of millions to match the concepts of beauty that is being 'sold' to them through various media. Thus a lot of economic activity is being driven by the 'want' to look beautiful. Mine and your want..

But what about 'feeling' beautiful? That feeling which does not necessarily come out of how we look. This sense of feeling beautiful depends on our emotional well being, our happiness and human qualities of kindness, empathy and the like. The kind of lifestyle we lead nowadays with all its tensions, pressures is not exactly helping us feel good about ourselves. We lament about the lack of everything but do nothing about improving our situation. We want to look good and beautiful to others, hide our real self beneath this veneer of 'Beauty'. But how long would this last... thus we have rising problems of depression, burnouts etc. The pressure on us to match up to the ideals of beauty, success, happiness is too much to handle and makes us forget ourselves, our true happiness and true beauty. The external image that we present to others is but a distortion of what we truly are... In the glam and glitter of the world around us, we lose sense of real beauty... and join the rat race of looking beautiful rather than being beautiful. 

For me real beauty is within each of us. To discover that beauty within us and within others is truly a gift. Of course, a good dress, or haircut, or a bright nail-polish does make me happy but it can only do so much to add to my self confidence and self image. What I am, how beautiful I truly am depends on my actions, my thoughts which are again relative and need not be the same for you. Basically there is nothing real... its all an illusion... and my illusion differs from yours!! I believe everybody is beautiful in their own unique way.So why don't you sit down and think about what does being beautiful mean to you?

P.S the thought of writing this blog from IndiBlogger's What does Real Beauty mean to you. IndiBlogger is a good website for avid bloggers and readers. Do check it out! :)


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Nicely said - beauty is finding that enlivening spirit within:)

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