Friday, September 26, 2008


What is right what is wrong I know no longer,
The mind tells me that what is to be done, rightfully
Walk away! Move on!
There is more to life than this
The heart cries, helpless and alone,
Live for love, love doesn’t come often
It’s unselfish, yielding power
Pulls with a unpredictable force

Damn the whole world,
Naught I care for this world, its bondages
I am free and can think for my self
Let me drown in this flood
Give myself up to the unstoppable, irresistible
Let the flames engulf me
Till I burn into ashes…
There life will begin anew and afresh
A new life which will erase all traces
Pain and Sorrow will cease to exist
The unknown will be known
The destiny, the fate will concedeAnd I will overcome, I will rewrite,
What was, what is and what will be.

1 comment:

craving to love life said...

The poem is good....seems like u r falling in love with life and wid love itself again....and yeah...break the rules.....break the bondages....