Thursday, December 23, 2010

She.. A woman

The Sex,
Once known, it remains
To be seen,
If she would see light
Or murdered she would be
Will this world, she see??

By birth, it’s decided,
Her future,
Her thoughts, conditioned to submit,
Her Voice, subdued and restricted
Every step she is made to realize that she is different,
Through Rebuke, Idealization, Emotion or something else
She is made to feel different, think different
The Child is moulded into a 'She'

Growing up is a pain,
Shame and Modesty
These words are introduced
The Honour and Dignity of the family
Are put into her innocent lap,
Even the Culture of India,
To be protected by her actions!
Confused and Encumbered
She remains,
Everything is changing, nothing remains the same
She is made into what is wanted of her
Not, who she is...or who she wants to be
Is there a choice?

Marriage is inevitable,
Not that against it I am
But why inevitable? From her birth,
She is told
Preparations start,
All the saving, investing
More than that the lessons
Of subservience, manipulations and techniques of control!!
(She needs some weapons too you see!)

Her life is a saga of
Sacrifice, Compromise, and many other 'ices'
Outspoken, she can’t afford to be
To be Seen, not Heard,
Sometimes not that, even
Father, Brothers,Husband, Children
Rule her world,
She is the foundation of their lives,
Yet ignored, rejected at times.
Put down, used, abused and abandoned

Intelligent? Hard working?
Artistic? Or whatever?
Does it matter?
What does she want? Does that matter?
What matters then?
The gender defines her roles
What she can do? How strong she is?
And Every other aspect of her life.

It is hard to break the mould,
It is difficult to find acceptance,
Feminist,Different, Bold, Selfish,Abnormal,
These or some other tags
Will be her reward, In case she does...
Achievements or Recognition, leave aside
To be herself, Just,
The Fights she has to face,
This is Her story
Being a woman...

1 comment:

Bharath Balakrishnan said...

Hmmm..Sometimes cliches, despite being so, serve best. Your poem does brim with righteous anger and 'has its heart in the right place'.